Zavyr and the shadows of my mind

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Zavyr and the shadows of my mind Empty Zavyr and the shadows of my mind

Post by Zavyr Darkness on Wed Oct 26, 2011 10:37 pm

Name: Zavyr Darkeyes

Race: Living Shadow

Age: 1003

Appearance: A shadowy man and by shadowy I mean his entire body is like a shadow all but the apparel and white eyes. He wears a funny looking pointy wizard looking hat that has the point drooping towards the back and making an arc. He holds a extravagant looking staff with a clear orb at the tip.

Height: 5ft 8"

A millena ago in a world of magic lies a town full of shadow mages, unlike normal shadow mages, these people had found ways to create living shadows that would be used as servants. They used shadow magic to form the body and light to give it life, and to make the body solid like flesh. Though life was peaceful it would not last forever as once Darkeyes was created in the newer way he was much different than the other shadows, he could learn magic and had a mind of his own. His master who had created him was difficult to please and was having thoughts of destroying his own creation because of his inability to the fact that he has no rights being only a shadow.

These thoughts later brought his death as his very creation had killed him in his sleep.
Once word of a shadow having killed his master Darkeyes had made himself a threat and was to be sealed in an amulet and removed from the world he was created in.

He was sealed in the amulet for a millennium and shows no sign of regret for his action or lack of sanity from being stuck in the amulet for what seemed like forever.

Special Items:

Staff of Elements- A special staff that has been used against elemental dragons. It allows the wielder to use magic of elements he/she couldn't normally use. The staff lacks the light, holy, shadow, and darkness elements.

Hat of Holding- A hat that holds a large dimension used mainly as a hammerspace.
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Zavyr and the shadows of my mind Empty Re: Zavyr and the shadows of my mind

Post by Nova on Thu Nov 03, 2011 2:40 pm

very nice CS Zav Very Happy

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