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Post by Nova on Tue Dec 27, 2011 9:45 am

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The Colony


In the year 2013 aliens decended on earth at first they claimed to be peacefull and most of the world fell for it for the aliens turned out to be parasites but it was to late for most of the world for the parasitical aliens had bonded to 90% of the worlds population altering the DNA of the humans they took over as hosts to better serve specalized roles.

The remaining 10% termed True Humans have gathered in a secret base in the Arizona mountains where they used stolen blueprints to build a ship to take them to a new planet to rebuild on but also to call home and in 2025 the base came under attack by the parasite aliens and their altered humans but in the end the True Humans fled earth in their ship, the parasites how ever did not chase after for they saw earth as theirs now and the True Humans using stolen plans for a parasite alien ship sub space jump drive made a random jump to the other side of the galaxy to apart of space that was yet to develope sentiant life and so the true humans settled on the planet they named Haven.

Now after 50 years the colony city called New Earth, is the capital of Haven with 3 smaller cities surrounding it all connected by see through diamond coated glass like the dome cities that provide protection from the violant thunder storms of the winter as the planet has a 420 day year.

that's the backstory






Husband or Wife: (For chars 18 and over)

Bio: (Can be Revealed in RP)

Personality: (Can be Revealed in the RP)

Sexual Orientation: (Straigt,bi,gay/lesbian)


Social rules of Haven

1: birth control is illegal.

2: murder is illegal.

3: marriage must be straight in order for repopulation of the human race.

4: all humans on Haven must be married by 18.

5: Recreational drugs are subject to district law.

RP Rules

1: No god modding.

2: Keep speed posting to a minimal.

3: Romance is encuraged but anything beyond kissing should ether go to PM or fade to black.

4: Respect your fellow RP'ers and GM.

5: Keep OOC in the OOC if it's not followed by a IC post.

6: OOC disputes should not enter the IC if it does the players will be kicked.

The Colony {OOC} NovasecondSig

The Colony {OOC} Novasig


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