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Adult Section Rules Empty Adult Section Rules

Post by Nova on Sat Nov 05, 2011 7:47 am

1.) Common Sense: Use it. Common sense includes the following:

a.) Don't Be a Dick: No flaming, spamming, trolling, shameless advertising, or general rude behavior. This is a peaceful forum where people come to have fun and avoid stress, and we will keep it that way by force if we have to (with bans.) Be respectful towards the other members of the site and try to resolve any differences or disputes between yourselves before you come crying to the staff. We are all adults here or most of us is anyways. Oh, and no double-posting. Say what you have to say in one post, please, and wait for a reply before writing more.

b.) Type In English: In the Adult Section, unlike the non-roleplaying parts of the site, we have minimal spelling and grammar standards. We would suggest that you type in a text program or word processor first and use spell-check. It is not that hard, just press the little button and it fixes all your mistakes for you! Either that, or please try and proofread before you post. If you can't be bothered to do either of those things, you shouldn't be roleplaying, you lazy bastard. Oh, and internet-speak or abbreviations are not acceptable unless they are used in the context of a character quote. This is not the chat section.

2.) Specific Rules:

a.) Content Rating: If the Adult Section were a movie, it would be R. Sex and violence are a-ok, as long as they are not terribly excessive or unnecessary. We leave the definition of "excessive or unnecessary" up to the thread authors, but generally speaking, no triple-X pornographic stuff or horribly gruesome vomit-inducing violence, please. And just because this stuff is allowed does not mean that is all that it should consist of. A story line of some sort should be evident in the rp and be the main focus with the other stuff being the 'icing on the cake' as the saying goes.

b) Quality Standards: Besides common-sense spelling and grammar, the minimum standards in Adult Section are equivalent to the casual or Advanced roleplaying sections you may be familiar with from other forums. Posts should be of decent length and involvement, and you should make an effort to try and develop your character, advance the plot, or say something meaningful and relevant in each post. A good solid five to ten sentences, or one medium sized paragraph should do.

c) What Goes Here: The Adult roleplaying section. There is an Out-Of-Character (OOC) thread put aside separately for you to plan your roleplays and discuss them. There is also no chatting allowed in the Adult Section. Just roleplaying.

d) The Thread Author Is God: While the administrators of RolePlayer Haven do not impose any but the most basic and common-sense rules, thread authors are allowed to make up and enforce their own rules. These rules apply only to the threads they have created, so if you don't like them, just roleplay in another thread or make your own. Thread authors cannot make rules that conflict with the rules set forth by the administrators, however.

Adult Section Rules NovasecondSig

Adult Section Rules Novasig


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